By The Hungry Giraffe, The Angry Lion and Andrew Bakst

Carbon just became an investable asset, which is a huge deal because it literally let’s us solve climate change from our couches. As the price of Carbon goes up, climate change goes down. That’s how incentives work.

However, buying Carbon…

How YFI becomes the leading world bank

The Restaurant Era of Digital Finance

Ethereum ends the oligopolized banking industry, just as the internet ended the oligopolized journalism industry. Banks on Ethereum have one product to sell: yield [1], so we occasionally refer to Ethereum banks as yield-optimizers. Anyone will be able to launch their own bank, a.k.a. their own yield-optimizer, on Ethereum with…

How Public Blockchains Go from Niche to Mainstream

Co-written by Cameron Sepahi

Moore’s Law

For those unfamiliar, Moore’s Law is the primary reason why iPhones today possess more processing power than the rockets that defined the Apollo moon missions. In 1965, Gordon Moore observed that the number of possible transistors in a circuit doubled every year; he predicted the trend…

An Upgrade to the Internet

Public blockchains will be as important to the world as the internet. The internet allowed for the frictionless flow of information. Public blockchains allow for the frictionless flow of value.

Value has been a second-class citizen on the internet, until now. Value has been largely overlooked by businesses, who have…

Changing the Properties of Currencies

Today, a currency must assume three roles to achieve widespread adoption: a store of value [1], a medium of exchange [2], and a unit of account [3]. Store of value tends to separate itself entirely from the other two characteristics. The assets that make the strongest stores of value have…

Andrew Bakst

Partner at Bizantine Capital

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